Occasionally the Platinum Panther wished she were not quite so brilliant. As she tried for the thousandth time to move her body, she wished that the neural weave interface she had designed was not quite so powerful. Particularly since Terence Tartarus had stolen the design and his knockoff now wrapped her nude body, keeping it immobile, while the light blindfold kept the nerves of her eyelids from so much as fluttering.

“The design of the neural weave is ingenious, Platinum Panther,” Terence Tartarus laughed. “No one, not even its beautiful inventor, can escape its hold.”

“Holding me is one thing, Tartar Sauce,” the Platinum Panther snapped. “Controlling me is another matter entirely. Better than you have tried and paid the price!”

“You’re right, as always,” Tartarus said, weaving his hand into the Panther’s blonde hair. “I can’t possibly control you. But your friend from the Libido league, Mnemonica, can.”

Platinum Panther felt soft, warm lips on hers. As the pleasure swept over her, she felt the familiar touch of Mnemonica’s psychic link in her mind, just as she had on countless missions.

But this time, the character of the link was different, sexual, commanding. In a flash, she could feel how amazing, how orgasmic Mnemonica felt when she obeyed Terence Tartarus. She could feel how much Mnemonica wanted to share that with her, how hot it would make both of them to obey together. She could sense the memories of how the pirated neural weave interface had helped Tartarus program the Pscarlet Psychic, Mnemonica, into his sex puppet.

Platinum Panther really wished she weren’t so brilliant…

….and horny

….and obedient.