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Erotic flash fiction that's SUPER … seductive. I write the Libido League series of sexy superheroine stories, available wherever eBooks are sold!

Directory of Tags, Characters, & Concepts

Here’s a few of the more prominent characters, themes, and the like that have shown up in my nearly 1,000 flash fiction stories!

For longer erotic fiction, check out my list of longer fiction I’ve written.

Superheroines and Superheroes

Supervillainesses and Supervillains


  • Jane Bound, British secret agent Eta, working for MI69. Licensed to fuck.
  • Janice Burn: American deep-cover agent suffering from memory loss. How did she learn to be so sexy?
  • Chick: Retail computer repair tech who had the ENTERSEX intelligence computer downloaded into her brain.
  • Domino: A technician who knows how to turn machines on better than people. Features in the Agents of InfraSEX series of stories.


    • Lauri Kruft: A ravishing raider of relics, a hot hunter of tombs.
    • Yvana: fantasy sell-sword
    • Alanya: fantasy warrior princess
    • Hecate: fantasy evil sorceress
    • Lust King: Evil witch king with magic sword
    • Alexis: A beautiful woman, rather taken by pearls
    • Yvette: Alexis’s friend, rather taken by Alexis
    • Marianne: Unwitting hypnotic subject
    • Leigh: Keeper of the mystical Sex Note
    • Dana “Foxy” Sculder: FBI agent ready to penetrate the truth, or have it penetrate her.
    • Captain Jenna Joie: Deep space explorer, of the Galactic Corps, seduced by aliens, Captain of the starship Intercourse.



      • mind control: The bending of wills, to sexual ends.
      • parody: Poking fun at well-known concepts.
      • logic: Playing with what makes sense.
      • reversal: Who’s really in control?
      • irony: The words written don’t quite mesh with the meaning conveyed.
      • fantasy: Stories set in magical worlds which might never be.
      • humor: Why so serious?
      • fd: Female dominant
      • md: Male dominant
      • ms: Male submissive
      • fs: Female submissive
      • mf: Male-Female sex
      • ff: Female-Female sex

Multi-Part Stories

    • Argent v Alpha: Dawn of Lustice: The two heroines get it on. Contains zero Marthas.
    • Indoctrination: Jane Bound, British special agent Eta, gets into of the Indoctrinated Circle. And the Circle gets into her.
    • Hazy Shade: Aliens called The Haze are enslaving heroines through their lust.
    • The Ynfiniti Phallus: Impossible power over the cosmic force of desire in the hands of a madwoman.
    • Sin Squad: When the powers that be need dirty deeds done, they go to the dirtiest girls of them all.
    • The Trojan Heroine: To bring the entire Libido League to their knees, it just takes someone to get inside.
    • Panther’s Pride: Platinum Panther is brilliant, but is she smart enough to outwit her own desires?
    • The Fall of the Libido League: When two of the League’s greatest foes join forces, can submission be far behind?


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